July 1: Fan Interference Release Party

For July, they have the following lineup:

*Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds. Mike and Steve have been editing “Zisk,” their baseball zine for poeple who don’t like baseball, for more than a decade. They’ve finally released an anthology of the best of the first tweny-ish issues, titled “Fan Interference,” and are touring it this summer.

*Duncan Wilder Johnson has been doing spoken word for more than a decade, and has shared the stage with Jim Carroll, Eugene Mirman and Marky Ramone. He’s also an author and documentarian. Come check out his new stuff.

*Michael T. Fournier is the author of “Double Nickels On The Dime,” a book about the Minutemen album of the same name, and “Hidden Wheel,” a novel. He edits the Cabildo Quarterly and plays drums in Dead Trend. He’s touring “Kayfabe: Strategies Against Slideshows,” an anthology of music writing.

It’ll be a fun night: drink with with the authors at 8, and stick around for readings at 9.


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